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What every business owner needs to be sustainable

Aug 3, 2020 11:11:16 AM

What every business owner needs to be sustainable - george-bi

Does your business have the three key elements to be sustainable?

Read more to find out the fundamentals to an effective business for the long-run. 

The top three things to help you focus on business sustainability

As an entrepreneur, you have already taken your idea from conception to reality, which takes a lot of heavy lifting and work. Majority of owners focus on finances, sales, and execution, which are huge for any business to get off the ground.

But we've noticed a trend with our clients and from our experience of other elements that either make or break a business, yet they can easily get overlooked. 

We've broken these down to three primary categories to help focus on the sustainability of your business and alleviate any bottlenecks in the process. 

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1. The People

Who have you chosen to be a part of your team? These individuals are key to the success of growing your company. 

Their work ethic, mindset, technical capabilities, etc. are fundamental. They will either be relieving stress or the cause of it, so be selective of who you hire. 

Questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do they have a growth mindset
  • Are they problem solvers
  • Do they create a way when their seems to be no way? 
  • Are they for your mission? 

Taking the extra time to recruit key players instead of just filing a role will benefit you and your business in the long run. 

2. The Product or Service 

You know why your product and service are necessary, but do your clients?

Tell them why the solutions you provide to aid their problems and why they should choose your company over competitors. 


Highlight and promote your differentiators

A differentiator is anything that sets your company apart and makes you unique

At george-bi, we help our clients create differentiators that stand out and make a difference for their sales process. 

3. The Process 

Last but definitely not least are the processes in place to run effectively.

  • Are your operations effective?
  • What are key metrics that you monitor to track performance (if any)? 

Many visionaries and business owners have big ideas that need to be paired with a detail-oriented mind, which goes back to hiring the right people. 

At george-BI, we provide solutions to help automate your operations customized to your business, so you can spend more time focusing on what you love to do!  

Want to connect? 

Let's talk more about your business to identify areas that can be better aligned to help scale your business!

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icons1At george-BI, we partner with you to determine your business objectives and core values, as well as explore any overall organizational trends and specifics for your team, to design a scalable reporting dashboard unique to your business.

Our goal is to not only develop a solution for you, but also align your cross-functional teams with accessible, real-time key metrics and performance indicators to better guide your business decisions, identify new opportunities and streamline your operations.

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