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Case Study - Practical Engineering Solutions

Sep 3, 2020 2:30:10 PM

Case Study - Practical Engineering Solutions - george-bi

Meet Practical Engineering Solutions (PES), from "Founders Dilemma" to "Engineering Success".

PES faced the struggle of having a single team member impose a case of internal process bottlenecks while playing multiple roles within the company.

george-BI was able to transform PES' workflow processes into digestible, result-driven visuals designed to help improve their operational efficiency, so that the company can be placed in autopilot.

Who is Practical Engineering Solutions?

Practical Engineering Solutions LLC provides a wide range of engineering, design, drafting, and project management services. Their extensive experience in the Energy, Marine, and Industrial sectors provides a very large list of engineering and design services that they can offer.

In addition to engineering and design services, PES also has the capability to 3D print plastic equipment models of your designs. This has proven to be a great way for their customers to market their equipment without the expense of transporting them to trade shows and job sites.

PES and the Founder's Dilemma - Identifying the problem

As a growing engineering firm, PES was affected by the infamous "Founder's Dilemma" -  a dilemma that recurs throughout the stages of company development.

A "Founder's Dilemma" is typically seen as the need to negotiate a trade-off between wealth and control, between building financial value and have control of decisions.

PES faced the struggle of having a single team member impose a process bottleneck, by playing multiple roles within the company.

At george-BI, we recognize the bottlenecks your business experiences that hinder efficiency and growth, and provide solutions to remove the gaps.

PES Founder and CEO, Clayton George, shares his founder dilemma experience.

When PES first started, as the business owner I was responsible for everything.  I could not be in enough places at the same time, ever. 

Every decision, no matter how small, came across my desk. 

I was the bottleneck and a very stressed out bottleneck. 

I could never go on vacation and put my phone down for 30 seconds.  Every thing that went wrong in the business was on my shoulders.  It was exhausting.

Ultimate Guide for Successful KPIs | george-BI

What did "george-bi" implement to help? - Finding Solutions

At george-BI, we partnered with PES to determine their business objectives and core values, as well as explore any overall organizational trends and specifics for your team, to design a scalable reporting dashboard unique to your business.

Defining Successful KPIs

george-BI defined PES' differentiators and KPI metrics to ensure their projects align with their objectives and were effective as possible.

For business owners, knowing the right KPIs can give you an accurate picture of where your company is going and can help you know what to do to control your future.

We created an incentive program that aligned interests with mine. 

We developed 3, yes only 3, KPI’s that showed everyone in the organization exactly what was expected. 

Implement Processes

We implemented processes and procedures that streamlined solutions to ultimately increase productivity and scaled PES.

We had to set up processes so that I could push decisions down the org chart. 

We didn’t have time to make every decision, so we had to set up a system to empower my guys to make the right decisions. 

We had to create accountability and align everyone’s interests with mine. 

We wrote a manual and developed a process map on how to execute work consistently all the time. 

Scalable Reporting Dashboards

Our goal is to not only develop solutions for you, but also implement those solutions to align your cross-functional teams, including designing scalable reporting dashboards unique to PES.

With this approach, there is no room for questioning who’s in charge or what’s happening next. Instead, PES receives only clear visuals that indicate who’s accountable for what.

We displayed these KPI’s to show them what good looks like.  We measured everyone with the same ruler and gave them consistent rewards when the measured up well. 

We went to work on the business and not in the business.

New and improved systems and processes for PES - benefits from george-BI

At george-BI, our mission is to provide customized business development and automation solutions for our clients to streamline operational efficiency, identify new opportunities, and effectively scale their businesses.

As PES adapts from a one man show to a successfully run company, Clayton can start working more on the business and have the PES team do what they are supposed to do... work in the business!

With george-BI, PES was able to transform the company’s workflow processes, so they can now put the business on autopilot.

Clayton George, shares his thoughts on his day-to-day changed with the introduction of george-BI to PES.

I can go on vacation and turn my phone off. 

I can share the stressors and the rewards of the business with everyone in the organization. 

I can work on things that I find rewarding and can focus on business strategy not day to day decisions.

Learn more about how george-BI can assist you.

At george-BI, we define your business differentiators and KPI metrics to ensure your projects align with your objectives and are effective as possible.

Let's talk more about your business to identify areas that can be better aligned to help scale your business!

Work smarter, not harder with george-BI.

Contact us today and learn how you can start automating your business management with one hand on the wheel.

Contact Us | george-BI

Practical Engineering Solutions


Practical Engineering Solutions is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to meet their industry demands. PES sets themselves apart with their consistency and timely turnarounds. Their team is committed to being responsive to our clients, keeping their promises, making delivery schedules, and standing by their designs!

Engineering & Design

When it needs to be done on time and accurate, PES has the process down. From new technology patent designs to offshore baskets and process equipment design, PES can design consistently and efficiently to any specifications.

Project Management

From concept to commissioning, PES provides thorough project management services that range from product research to construction.

Drafting & Modeling

Whether it’s simple conceptual sketches to convey your ideas to a client or detailed fabrication drawing cut pieces to put on your cutting bed, PES' draftsmen can bring to life any project.

Extensive Knowledge

Experience matters – the PES team of engineers has experience engineering and designing for a multitude of industries and projects ranging from Skid & HPU package design to ASME vessel design and beyond.

Training Program

The PES training programs are designed by industry experts to give you the real-world experience you need to champion your career goals.

Apply to the PES training program to gain practical experience and tryout for positions in their network.

About george-BI

icons1At george-BI, we partner with you to determine your business objectives and core values, as well as explore any overall organizational trends and specifics for your team, to design a scalable reporting dashboard unique to your business.

Our goal is to not only develop a solution for you, but also align your cross-functional teams with accessible, real-time key metrics and performance indicators to better guide your business decisions, identify new opportunities and streamline your operations.

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